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Biomass granulator creates value for better life

The straws in the fields are no longer randomly burned, and the construction waste is sorted in an orderly manner, making our sky bluer, the air fresher, and the land and water purer.

Where did the unburned straw and the orderly sorted construction waste formwork go? They have been transformed by biomass granulator into biomass energy such as electricity and biomass pellets, which will start anew for our better life and create value again.

Driven by the national environmental protection and energy development policies, biomass energy has ushered in rapid development in the past decade, and the energy supply scale has increased from 12 million tons of standard coal in 2010 to 47 million tons of standard coal in 2020.

The average annual growth rate is 15%. Under the continuous promotion of national policies, by 2025, the national biomass energy supply scale is expected to exceed 70 million tons of standard coal and continue to maintain rapid growth.

In the short term, limited by the shortage of regional biofuels, the increase in environmental protection requirements, and the reduction of state subsidies, biomass power generation/heating will enter a period of adjustment; The 25GW construction target of clean power/heat, biomass power generation/heat supply will usher in steady development.

The biomass granulator helps the power generation industry, processes straw, wood chips, branches, building templates, provides biomass pellet fuel, continuously provides biomass energy, and creates value for our better life.

1. Environmentally friendly biomass granulator

Fuel is used a lot in winter, and central heating can be achieved with fuel. With the development of technology, fuel is also changing. It is no longer synonymous with polluting the environment, but with warmth.

The use of pellet fuel produced by biomass granulator machine is both environmentally friendly and heating.

There are four main sources of raw materials for biomass fuel pellet machine pellet fuel, namely agricultural resources, poultry manure, domestic sewage and industrial organic wastewater, and urban organic solid waste.

Turning waste into treasure is of course the use of biofuels. Agricultural resources occupy the main part, and these parts are wasted and wasteful. If they are used a little, they can be made into beneficial fuels.

With the development of technology, turning waste into treasure is no longer an empty talk. The biomass pellet granulator can process these waste materials into useful fuels, saving energy and protecting the environment.

The fuel must be used in the kiln. Biomass pellet fuel is an environmentally friendly material, which has the same function as ordinary fuel, but has more advantages in environmental protection and energy utilization, replacing the use of traditional fuels.

Biomass pellet fuel is used in small furnaces, mainly for household heating and domestic hot water supply. Because these use environments are closely related to our lives, the use of environmentally friendly fuels has a great effect on users, providing users with a warm and comfortable environment, or a healthy living environment.

As a fuel to improve the quality of life, it can improve our life through other equipment, save costs, save energy, improve energy efficiency, and protect the environment. .

Biomass pellet fuel is used in small furnaces, mainly for household heating and domestic hot water supply.

The fuel is still easy to ignite. Has anyone had this experience? When I lit the fuel, I felt hopeful when I saw the fire coming out, but it was extinguished in a few seconds, and it was re-ignited. Repeatedly, still no traces of fire.

In some cases, the fire will suddenly become smaller and then extinguished when it is burning vigorously, and it will take a long time to ignite, which is annoying. If the fuel is easy to ignite, it is much more convenient, saving time and improving work efficiency.

Biomass pellet fuel is a typical solid shaped biomass fuel, which has the advantages of cleanliness, high efficiency, and easy ignition. It is a fuel that can be used by friends who are not easy to ignite the fuel described above. It is also worth choosing just based on this point, not to mention Or green fuel.

Increased demand for biomass fuel pellets around the world has spurred growth in trade. The United States and Canada are currently the world’s largest exporters of pellets. Data show that in 2013 the United States exported 2.77 million metric tons of biomass fuel pellets to the EU.

Exports are estimated at $347 million. The USDA also announced that the cost of shipments by 2020 is expected to reach $1 billion. Not far behind, Canada is increasing. British Columbia is Canada’s main producer of biomass fuel pellets.

Canadian exports in 2013 were more than double what they were in 2011. In the first half of 2015, this figure increased by 1% compared to the previous year to approximately 780,000 tonnes due to UK shipments. At the same time, shipments to Italy and Asian countries have decreased significantly.

Biomass granulator machines are crucial for countries to build a sustainable and economical society. The emergence of biomass granulator is an effective measure to solve the above problems.

Using crop straw, furniture factory scraps, sawdust, wood bran, wood powder, sawdust, bark, sand powder, furfural slag, pallets, packaging boxes and other wastes to press into biomass pellets, not only can prolong the production of crop straw, furniture factory The industrial profits of waste materials, sawdust, wood bran, wood powder, sawdust, bark, sand powder, furfural slag, pallets, packing boxes and other wastes.

To sum up, the global biomass granulator fuel pellet market has been growing rapidly in recent years. 

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