How to make the wood pellet mills mold more “longevity”?

In recent years, the environmental protection policies of various countries have become more and more strict. As a representative of new energy, biomass pellets have gradually become popular, and biomass pellets in many areas have even been in short supply.

Along with biomass pellets, there are also sawdust pellet machines that produce biomass pellets. From the original flat die wood pellet machine to the current ring die wood pellet mills, they are constantly being updated.

1. How to prolong the service life of wood pellet mills mold?

The mold is a vulnerable part in the sawdust wood pellet mills, and it needs to be replaced continuously. The expensive mold is also a major cost in the production process of the sawdust pellet. How to increase the service life of biomass wood pellet mills mold?

(1) Fill the mold with oil

After the daily processing and production is over, use oil to grind the mold hole for a period of time to ensure that all oil is left in the mold hole, which is of great benefit to the next day’s work and is also conducive to the long-term use of the mold.

(2) Regularly clean up the oil

The editor here reminds everyone that if the wood pellet mills are not used for more than a month, it is best to take out the oil in the mold. Because the oil will gradually harden during the long-term storage process, which will make it difficult to remove the next time it is used, which will affect the subsequent use of the wood pellet mills. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

(3) It is not necessary to clean the mold for a long time

If the wood pellet mills are not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the mold, clean it and then store it. It mainly cleans the pellets inside the mold and the sawdust attached to the surface of the mold. In this way, on the one hand, it prevents the pellets from being hardened and difficult to remove due to long-term storage, and on the other hand, it reduces the corrosion of sawdust to the mold.

(4) The mold should be stored in a dry and ventilated place

Most of the molds of the wood pellet mills are made of alloy steel. If they are in a humid place for a long time, the surface of the mold may be damaged due to corrosion and its service life will be reduced.

(5) The handling process should be carefully

The mold of the wood pellet mills is a high-precision accessory. If the structure of the inner wall of the die hole is damaged during the handling process, it may cause the failure of the wood pellet machine and shorten the service life of the wood pellet machine.

The above are five tips to prolong the service life of the wood pellet machine. Follow these five methods to maintain the mold, and I believe your mold will last longer. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

2. How to solve the blockage of the mold of the wood pellet mill machine?


With the popularization of the concept of environmental protection and saving, wood pellet machine is recognized and accepted by more and more customers, and occupies an increasingly important position in our production.

However, in the process of using the turnkey wood pellet mill machine, there are always various problems. Today, Richi Machinery will introduce to you how to solve the blockage of the mold of the wood pellet mills equipment.

If you want to know the solution to the problem, you must first find the cause of the problem, and to solve the problem of blockage of the wood pellet machine, you must find the cause of the blockage of the wood pelleting machine.

The main reasons for the blockage of the sawdust wood pellet mills mold are as follows:

1. The feed of the wood pellet mills is too fast and the output is too slow.

Solution: Replace the die of the wood pelletizer machine, or reduce the feed rate. (Related post: Indonesia wood pellet plant)

2. The raw materials contain impurities, such as nails, bricks, etc.

Solution: Turn off the wood pellet mills equipment, then open the mold cover, then pour out the extruded raw material, clean out the impurities in the raw material, and put the raw material back. Note: When replacing the mold cover, tighten the nut.

3. Inappropriate control of raw material moisture, or excessive particle size, etc., will also cause blockage of the wood pellet mills mold, and manual cleaning is very difficult.

Solution: Large manufacturers will buy special dies for punching holes, but for new friends who have just invested in wood pellet production, die clogging is a headache.

3. During the production process, due to power failure or other reasons, the mold is blocked, especially the small-diameter mold is difficult to clean. Drilling the material with a power drill is more common in wood pellet production equipment, but this is time consuming and tends to damage the smoothness of the die holes. Moreover, after the die is punched, it needs to be re-ground before it can be used normally, which affects the work efficiency.

Solution: A more efficient way is to use oil to boil the ring die, so that the plug hole is completely immersed in the oil and then heat the bottom of the oil pan until the material in the plug hole makes a popping sound, i.e. remove the plugging die, re-install the machine after cooling, Adjust the gap of the die rolls, according to the operation requirements of the wood pellet mills, the material in the blocked die can be quickly cleaned by re-driving.

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